" The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality, and lower and lower costs " - W. Edwards Deming

Project Management System

Our Project Management System ChitraGupt is a simple, user friendly web-based Project Management Solution that helps you to make informed decisions by managing your time, cost, resources and quality from anywhere, anytime.
All you need to do is to effectively manage the four dimensions of project management
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Resources
ChitraGupt focuses on all the above four dimensions by efficiently capturing information and thereby enables you to make the right decisions at the right time, making your project and ultimately, your business a GREAT SUCCESS !

Intuitive information capturing and customized reporting are some of the feature highlights of ChitraGupt. With real time accurate data, decision making inline with your business goals becomes much more simple and effective.

ChitraGupt is flexible enough to suit any organization type. No matter if you are an organization with homogeneous workforce or that with a diverse workforce, ChitraGupt can be customized to suit your needs, budget and business objectives. No more worries about project cost, deadlines, optimal utilization of work force of maximizing revenue...
Everything is made possible with just One solution... ChitraGupt !

Key Features of ChitraGupt
  • Configurable project, task, activity attributes
  • Suits to both structure-based and team-based organizations
  • Flexible cost estimation system
  • Customizable contact management system
  • Custom report system for project, cost and activity
  • Project & task based document storage and tagging
  • Team based and structure based calendar
  • Project template feature for quick cloning of standardized job procedures
  • Work report analysis
  • Internal message box, e-mail
  • Twitter and EditGrid integration

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